Bits & Bobs, Odds & Sods & A Winner

It’s been full on crazy as the end of the United Kingdom school year hurtles towards me so this post will be quick & dirty, lickety split blurty:

  • I went to the Winchester Writers’ Festival  which was wonderful. I attended some great sessions and received helpful feedback on Up She Rises during one to ones with literary agents. I met writing friends from social media in person and made new ones. How inspired was I by the keynote speaker Meg Rosoff? This much:



Booty From Winchester Writers Festival


  •  National Flash Fiction Day 2016  took place on Saturday 25th June. I’ve already  blogged about the anthology (which you can still buy here) but there are some mighty fine flash fiction stories waiting to be read on the NFFD blog too.



  • Finally, since I won’t be posting on Friday, Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian family and friends. What a great country I don’t live in anymore…






6 thoughts on “Bits & Bobs, Odds & Sods & A Winner

  1. What….no comment on Brexit? Well, other than your “sly” reference to United no more. On the other hand what can we say. I know it troubles me deeply, mostly because I fear the reasons people voted the way they did.


  2. Of course Canada, a country of immigrants, misses you who emmigrated to the United Kingdom. Happy Canada Day, eh. Annie


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