How I Love Thee, Little Free Library

I’m back from a trip to Canada, where we spent time in various places (Toronto, St Catherine’s, Kingston and Mansfield) visiting friends and family. Driving through my sister’s neighbourhood, I spotted this:IMG_0272

I’ve read so much about the Little Free Library phenomenon but never seen one, so I pulled over and walked back.IMG_0275


Lovely, simple and full of books to be enjoyed. I took this one:


I mean, Margaret Atwood & Susanna Moodie? Margaret Atwood’s poems about Susanna Moodie’s immigrant experience? Perfect. When I’ve read it, I’d love to put it in a Little Free Library over here, if I could find one. Even better, I would love to build have someone build me one. My own private library. Swoon.




10 thoughts on “How I Love Thee, Little Free Library

  1. SOOO lovely to see you while you were in Toronto, Downith. Let us know if you find any gems in that new book! And maybe your hubby could build you one of those ‘little libraries’ in his spare time 🙂


  2. Free books – a lovely idea. Think of the joy of a child finding ‘Leo The Late Bloomer’ or ‘Anne of Green Gables’ Free. “A blessed companion is a book.” From the first page of ‘Maigret Takes A Room’.


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