The Reunion

I’m back with a Wednesday post after a short absence which I hope has made your heart grow fonder? A trip back to Canada meant reunions with friends and family (and of course much reading and swapping of books.) So it seems apt to post Reunion, a flash fiction I wrote awhile back. It was a runner-up in the flash fiction category of the 2015 Hysteria Writing Competition and published in the Hysteria 4 Anthology, which you can still purchase here. (I’ve entered Hysteria’s 2016 competition. It closes on 31st August, so if you’re up for it, there’s still time to enter here.)


Stella is nearest the door; my old pal from the bank. She was with me that first jittery day, her mere presence boosting my confidence. Now she looks tired and worn out. On the other side of the room I spot Chloe, still sexy after all these years. Late nights and strong cocktails never bothered Chloe. I used to lie in bed Sunday mornings, jaded and spent. Chloe was more resilient: a quick wash and she bounced back. We went to some incredible parties together, including the one where I met James.

And there, draped on a chair in the corner is sassy Victoria. There was a time when she knew all my deepest secrets. She was along for the ride the first time I went to James’s flat the first time we… my cheeks burn at the memory.

I hadn’t expected to see these old friends when I came up to the attic; it really is time to say good-bye. My Stella McCartney suit didn’t work for the school run, or cheering Jack from the touch-line. The Chloe dress still fits, but I stopped wearing it when Polly said that black made her tummy sad.

I grab a box for my cast-offs, resolving to bring them to the charity shop in  the high street. Well, maybe not all of them; I’m keeping the Victoria’s Secret number. I think it’s time she and James got to know each other again.

Any recent reunions for you? Sssh! Don’t tell anyone, but I’m sneaking off again until September.  Enjoy the rest of the summer and I’ll see you then.