Destiny Turns on the Radio

Up She Rises is set in the 1980s and music (both pop and traditional) forms the backdrop to many of its scenes. Remember that classroom scene I posted awhile back?

In the car yesterday, I flicked between radio channels and found Irene Cara belting out What A Feeling from the ’80s movie Flashdance. There’s a Flashdance reference in Up She Rises, but what struck me yesterday was the lyrics which I’d always found quite cheezy:

Take your passion
And make it happen.

Huh. That, my friends, is what I’m trying to do with writing.

So, with leotards raised in solidarity, enjoy the song (because how could I not post it?) and here’s to making it happen. Whatever your it may be.




9 thoughts on “Destiny Turns on the Radio

  1. I barely remember What A Feeling- though I loved the video of the dance and the song. But it set me thinking:’what was I doing in the Eighties? Annie


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