Here’s One I Made Earlier

Writers are often told to persist in the face of rejection. Send it out again. Keep submitting until you find someone that gets it, someplace that wants it. Mostly I follow that advice.

But this poor little baby has been seeking a home for so long now that I’ve decided to let it live here, on my friendly, inclusive, supportive blog.

It’s called A Google A Day and it was short-listed in the Writing Without Restrictions category of the The Yeovil Literary Prize 2015. Please give it a cuddle and make it feel at home.

A Google A Day

cure for hangover

hangover cure

hair of the dog

where did expression hair of the dog come from

how to caffeinate coffee

make decaf coffee caffeinated

how many cups of tea needed to match caffeine in one cup of coffee

weather today

weather next five days

why is British weather so crap

weather in spain

cheap holidays in spain

skip lunch when dieting ?

diet menus


healthy snacks

pimp that snack

chocolate sauce recipe

am I a crap mother if I’m late to collect children

drama at nursery as mother “forgets” children

crap mums

are you my mother – children’s book

searching for biological parents

quick and easy supper recipes

kids will love this easy recipe

fussy eaters

homework help

how can I help my kids do their homework

helping kids to help themselves

late night television

how to download movies to my ipad

how to get off line

learning to say no to the internet


signs of insomnia

cure for insomnia

Refresh page



8 thoughts on “Here’s One I Made Earlier

  1. I won’t. Coincidentally I got a “nice” rejection this morning from a lit mag for a flash I wrote awhile back – the Sligo Beach one. It’s been long-listed and now short-listed. Third time lucky? We’ll see… I’m sending it out again today.


  2. Good luck with Sligo Beach. I loved it. I read, a couple of weeks ago, that Google is a bad idea because young people do not do proper research-instead they search Google although I must say I use Google all the time. Annie


  3. Love it. It is amazing how far we can go down the rabbit hole and forget why we opened Google search….several hours later. Waste of time or pure entertainment? Or is that edutainment? Keep writing!


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