NaNo What Now?

I’ve thought about it for a few years but yesterday I finally took the plunge… There’s no toe dipping, you have to dive straight into NaNoWrimo or National Novel Writing Month.

If you’re unfamiliar with NaNoWriMo, you can read more about it here. I certainly can’t explain it right now. First because I have to write 1,667 words every single day in November. Second because that’s all I know. I dove in without checking the water for depth, sharks, etc. Now it’s sink or swim.

Okay, enough with the swimming analogies.Basically if I meet the daily word count then at the end of the month I’ll have roughly 50,00 words of a manuscript. I say roughly for two reasons. First, I’m planning to write longhand so the word count will be approximate. Second, it will be a very rough draft, or as Anne Lamott called it in Bird by Bird, a shitty first draft.

But that’s fine. I’ll shove it in my bottom drawer for December and pick it up for rewriting/plumping/editing in 2017. Rinse and repeat.

Oh and remember how I couldn’t share the awful working title? I can now because I have a new awful but not as awful working title.

The old awful title was Lawyers In Love. (But as a fellow ex-lawyer said to me, “Lawyers don’t love.”)

The new awful title is The Trouble With Law.

Now, I must away. Did I mention I have 1,667 words to write today?



8 thoughts on “NaNo What Now?

  1. I guess writing words in the blog don’t count…..
    Lawyers don’t love …I love that! I admire that you are doing this…kind of like boot camp or a crash course. Good luck. And yes, write, write, write!


    • Sadly no. Yes I think it will be like bootcamp although I doubt I’ll be fitter after. More likely fatter. I exceeded the target yesterday which is good because today is a busy day and I will need to fit the writing around other stuff. But I will !!


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