A Few Good Things

It’s getting so I’m afraid to hear the morning news. Is it me or was January 2017 particularly grim? But it’s the first day of a shiny new month. It’s past noon and  I haven’t heard any bad news yet. Maybe because I haven’t turned on the radio? Here’s what’s helping me cope:

Audiobooks – I finished On Beauty by Zadie Smith last week. It was a joy. Yesterday I started Any Human Heart by William Boyd. So far, so fantastic.

Books – I’m about a third into Today Will Be Different by Maria Semple. It feels like ages since I’ve read such a zingy, humourous book. I highly recommend it.

My Library Card – which enabled me to get On Beauty, Any Human Heart and Today Will Be Different.

Prizes – Who doesn’t like winning a random prize? I won a guide to small and independent publishers (book and magazine) from Mslexia Magazine last week. A quick flick through it has inspired me to get submitting again.

Publication – I’m thrilled to already have two short stories accepted for publication in 2017, one will be out later this month, the other in April. (more details soon.)


What gets you through? Tell me something good. Please.






12 thoughts on “A Few Good Things

  1. congrats and thanks for the book recommendations
    what gets me through is the simple things- took my dog for an early walk and heard a chorus of coyotes
    I’ve started using an app for my meditation – Insight Timer- when I meditated this morning there were over 5,000 people meditating with me around the world- I sent a message “thanks for meditating with me” to Japan Tehran and London
    that is fun and good right?


  2. 1. Coffee. 2. The random selfless kindness of humanity that I am privileged to witness everyday in small but wonderful and meaningful ways, despite the cruel world we see and read about every single day. 3. Family and friends. 4. My country and what it stands for. 5. My puppy who loves unconditionally, without question or judgment, and expecting absolutely nothing in return . In 2017 we could all use more puppies!


  3. Congratulations on your winnings. If you think about the world it is horrid- sometimes. But its also wonderful, books and random kindness and friends and my amazing grandchildren. I’m glad I live in Canada. As for books I loved ‘Time and Regret’ which transported me the trenches of World War One, to England and France in 1991 and intrigued me with its mysteries. Write on. Annie.

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  4. your blog is a good thing! really – I love books and you have insights into writing and books that would otherwise be inaccessible to me. Thanks for doing this! as for a timely good book – The Noise of Time.


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