Food, Glorious Food

Publication in the National Flash Fiction Day anthology is an honour I wasn’t fully aware of when I first submitted two years ago, although I was quietly pleased when my flash ‘Onion’, made the cut and appeared in print in A Box of Stars Beneath the Bed (the 2106 anthology).

Flash forward two years and I’m much more aware of both the flash community and the kudos that come with publication in this anthology. So I went all out, submitting three flash for the anthology and two micros for the 100 word flash competition. The theme was food and my money was on a 500 word humorous piece, stuffed with more food references than a cookbook. That flash got nowhere, neither did a shorter funny flash, nor my micros. But I’m thrilled that my flash ‘Habits’ has made the cut. It features some of the characters who appear in ‘The Neverlands’, a mosaic flash that was published in Jellyfish Review last month, and has me thinking these characters have more to say.

The as yet untitled anthology will be published in the next few months, but in the meantime, you can read the winning and highly commended micro stories here. There’s a wonderful assortment and it’s fascinating and inspiring to see what can be done with 100 words. Congratulations to Fiona Jane Mackintosh, Charmaine Wilkerson and Rachael Dunlop, who came first, second and third respectively.


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