Life Is Flashing Me By

It’s been too long but I’ve been obsessed with flash fiction. Writing it, reading it, judging it.

In May, I was lucky enough to participate in a two week long online Fast Flash course with the wonderful Kathy Fish.  It was intense and a lot of work but I produced some writing that I’m really proud of and it was a joy to work with and get to know the other writers on the course. We’ve decided to carry on sharing work despite the course having ended and I’m hopeful this venture will be as productive and supportive as Kathy’s course was.

I’ve been busily submitting flash to various publications and am pleased that Spelk Fiction will be publishing one of my stories in the next few weeks. I’ll let you know when it’s up on their website. And I’m thrilled that one of the pieces I did in Fast Flash was picked up only yesterday and will be out in an e-book sometime this summer. More on that one later.

The flash community on Twitter is wonderful. Two weeks ago I submitted to Microcosms for the first time after seeing a Twitter friend tweet about it. I was thrilled to be chosen the winner with my flash fiction entitled I Was A Teenage River Nymph. It begins like this: “The sisterhood is a myth. Any nymph will tell you that.” You can read the rest of it here, but you’ll need to scroll down until you find it under “Judge’s Pick.”

And because my story was the judge’s pick it meant I was offered the opportunity to judge the following week.  It was a good warm up for my big judging gig later this summer, and I find you learn so much about writing by reading and evaluating other people’s work.

But as much as I’m loving the flash, my second novel is sulking in the corner, wondering why I’ve abandoned it. It’s time for  a return to long form with draft two.

And what’s new with you?



It’s Hammer Time

Image result for images gavel


I’ve been negligent (spoken like an ex-lawyer) in posting because we were away on holiday for a few weeks, about which more later. But I’m excited to share that I’m one of the judges for the flash fiction category of the 2017 Hysteria Writing Competition.  It’s a wonderful opportunity and I’m truly grateful. I know I will learn so much reading the entries and I’m excited to work with the other flash fiction judges who include some pretty amazing writers I follow on Twitter.

If you’ve never written flash fiction,  Alex Reece Abbott (Writer In Residence for the competition) has collated some excellent writing tips from flashmasters here.

I was a runner-up in the 2015 Hysteria flash fiction category with a piece called Reunion  (later published in the Hysteria 4 anthology).  The Hysteria competition is for women from all over the world. The judging is blind and the competition features flash fiction, poetry, and short story categories. There are low entry fees, cash prizes for the winners, and publication in the anthology for winners and runners-up.  So why not give it a go? But don’t worry; if you don’t enter, I won’t judge you. (sorry I couldn’t resist)


A Box of Stars Beneath The Bed

Isn’t that a beautiful title? There’s a beautiful book cover to go along with it, too:


The anthology was put together for National Flash Fiction Day 2016, which takes place on Saturday 25th June. I’m thrilled to have a flash in the anthology, with the not so beautiful title Onion.

I’m in very good company, with some truly amazing writers, so I encourage you to purchase a copy of the anthology. You can buy the UK print version here or the Kindle version here. It’s also available on the Canadian and American Amazon websites.

To celebrate National Flash Fiction Day, I’m giving away one print copy. Everyone who leaves a comment below before midnight (GMT) on Saturday 25th June will be entered into the draw. The name picked from a hat will be the winner. Good luck!

Now, I have to ask: What’s beneath your bed?

Hello From The Other Side

Welcome to my new home! I’m still settling in, so please ignore the boxes and make yourselves comfortable. (Oh, and while I think of it, why not sign up for future posts to be delivered via email. See the sidebar on the right.)

As I said in the final Twig post, I wanted a place to talk more generally about reading and writing so I’m delighted to be able to share some writing news. My flash fiction, Sligo Beach, has been longlisted for the 12th Annual Geist Literal Literary Postcard Story Contest. Or, as Geist Magazine jokes, “the writing contest whose name is almost as long as the entries.”

It was an interesting exercise. I had to submit a postcard and a story that was somehow connected to it, with a 500 word limit. I can’t share my story yet, but here’s the postcard that inspired it, originally sent to me by a lovely friend. Wouldn’t you love to know what these two (sisters in my story) are talking about?

photo (42).JPG

What inspires you?